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Her name is Raven Williams and you might know her from VH1's hit reality TV series, Rock Of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne. On that show, Raven was doing her best to get the attention of producers, the public and writers worldwide, in an attempt to further her career. Raven have had some nice offers since that series that her and my manager are looking at, and I am sure you will see much more of her in the near future.

Since you are here, I assume that you are looking to know a bit more about Raven Williams. She is 23 years old and resides in Los Angeles California. She runs a personal massage business where she does healing work/ massages (including Swedish and deep tissue) and spell casting. Raven is a New Age pagan with new age beliefs and ideologies. She was born in Boston, MA and is active in politics, having worked with the Peace and Freedom party as well as worked on other political campaigns in the past while in New York.

Some of you have probably heard that before she was on Rock Of Love Charm School, she was featured on a porn site called Ghetto Gaggers. Instead of denying it, she might as well be honest and just admit that when a person is seeking attention in hopes of becoming famous, poor judgements can be made. Yes, Raven Williams was featured on Ghetto Gaggers under the name Fiona, yes she had a group of men doing very degrading things to her, yes she let 3 men ejaculate on her face, and yes it is still available online at Ghetto Gaggers.

If you're here to see what Raven WIlliams (Fiona) did on Ghetto Gaggers before she was featured on Rock Of Love Charm School, then I'll save you some time and let you see the sample galleries below. If you are here to learn more about Raven WIlliams, and you're just finding out that she was in the porn industry in the past, then I can only hope that you are open minded, and don't hold this against her.

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